Psychomomo Privacy Policy

Psychomomo will do everything in its power to ensure your data is kept private and secure. This page has the latest app and website information. It will be updated with any new apps, websites, or services as needed.

Laser Meme

Laser Meme accesses your device’s photos for the purpose of creating memes. Any photo used with Laser Meme is only shared in the ways you allow (in the app via Twitter, Facebook, etc.). Sharing photos through these services is subject to the Privacy Policy for the respective service.


Re-Cycle accesses your device’s current location if allowed. This location is never sent to Psychomomo, however it can be sent to Google to obtain biking directions through Google Directions search. It is never identified to Google as your current location, rather as a GPS coordinate. No specific data about favorites or destinations is sent or handled by Psychomomo. Non-personally identifiable crash and checkpoint data is sent to the TestFlight SDK for the sole purpose of determining features people are using and to fix any bugs in the app.

Psychomomo Website

This website uses Google Analytics to monitor website traffic. The data gathered is subject to the Google Privacy Policy. This data is never personally identifiable and is aggregated with other visitor data.

Last Update September 12, 2013